Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sinking Into the Serendipitous Slouch of the Island

The other day as I was rinsing my dinner dishes in the sea I found myself hunting treasures (something I can’t help but do when in close proximity to the jigsaw motif of the rocky shore).  As I was gathering broken shells, calloused crab claws, and polished stones I began finding quarters, dimes, and nickels.  They kept coming and coming, their silver glinting playfully in the setting sun.  It was slightly surreal, I had found an endless supply of true modern day treasure, and suddenly it dawned on me: this has happened before.  I had a dream about ten years ago that I was treasure hunting on a magical island when I began finding dimes and quarters.  And now that dream was being materialized.  In the dream I felt as if the coins symbolized abundance and prosperity. I hoped it was the same in this waking dream, and decided maybe I would read the colorful shore like the I-ching.  Whatever I found on a particular day telling my fortune, in this case, literal fortune coming to me.

A few nights later I decided to sleep on my favorite grassy knoll.  I braved the no-tent insect barrage to experience sleeping without a cloak of trees between me and the sky.  That night I left behind banal dreams and was given a vision.  The buzzing of the mosquitoes rang like prophetic gossip in my ears.  In this dream, it was shown, after an extended waiting period, that I was the teacher we had all been waiting for (we all being all the different aspects of myself).  This role as teacher was heralded and confirmed by a bald eagle.  One dream character was attached to comfort and eating yams and peanuts.  But I enthusiastically informed him of the synchronistic news: that was my teaching—that comfort and the base survival aspects of life are just as profound as the more lofty “spiritual” notions.  I was waking everyone out of their sleep, taking them out of their comfort, to inform them that comfort was included—divine domesticity.  The totality, the circle, high and low, nothing being excluded from the perfection that is.  That morning I awoke to a bald eagle swooping down ten feet above me, the first bald eagle I had seen this trip on the Island.


  1. wow, what a magical journey you have undertaken and such a poetic means of expressing it, I find myself grateful to partake if even in a small way.....powerful symbolism in many respects, creating space opens up the magic that we can claim if we're willing to let go....thanks so much for sharing and wishing you deeper and deeper gems......

  2. thanks Colin! just saw this, Love!